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September 2009 - Miraculous Migrants: Why Songbird Conservation Begins at Home!

For a song
Presentation at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Join Dr. Bridget Stutchbury of York University and Christina Sharma of Project CHIRP! for an informative and empowering presentation on songbird conservation. Review present songbird population trends, causes and solutions, the miraculous feats of our migratory songbirds, and how to create songbird - friendly gardens. Discover how your choices as a consumer can protect critical songbird habitat.
Please support our native birds, including the "el-bee-bees" or "el-bee-jays". LBB/LBJ = little brown bird/job. The Scoop's take: LBB = little brown blur. How frustrating it is to try to identify a small brown bird, on the wing, from just a flash of feathers! At least most plants don't move as quicklyunless they're at a NANPS plant sale.
By the way, don't forget to check out the plants for sale at the AGM. Since the selection will be slim, get there early for the best selection. They're almost guaranteed to fly off the table!
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