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Goldie's Family expands!

Solidago vossii: A new species of Goldenrod from northern Michigan by P.J. Laureto (Grand Rapids Community College, Michigan) & J.S. Pringle (RBG, Burlington).

The newly-described species is apparently endangered as it is known only from a northern wet prairie/pine barrens complex.

Article: Solidago Vossii (Asteraceae), a New Species of Goldenrod from Northern Michigan

Climate 'causes leaves to narrow'

The shift in leaf shapes could have wider ecological consequences. Some species may adapt and others will be less well suited. Could those in the city already facing heat island effects be under even more pressure to adapt? Could the leaves shrink? And then, will that mean less carbon-sequestering and less air cleaning by our urban tree canopy just when we need our trees to do more?

Article: Climate 'causes leaves to narrow'

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