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May 2012 - News & Events

Shining Tree Woods
Home of the Cucumber Tree
Full Day Excursion 2012
Saturday June 2, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir
Read the report - our own Shining Tree Woods is included and listed as a critical habitat (pg. 18). Natural, Valued, Protected - not the way the provincial government is dealing with the new budget! They're in the same greenhouse as the feds, cultivating a similar GMO (governmentally modified operandi) budget. But you can help in the recovery efforts of the cucumber tree and Carolinian habitat by taking part in the bio-survey and maintenance activities on our NANPS property.
This Saturday, NANPS will be embarking on its first major excursion to Shining Tree Woods in almost a decade. Don't miss out! It should be wonderful day of botanizing, forest appreciation, and garlic mustard pulling (a.k.a. saving native biodiversity from the alien scourge). Don't worry, that won't be all we'll be doing, but it is an essential forest management activity that we need your help to accomplish.
7:45 a.m. You are ready to board the bus waiting at Wilson TTC Subway Station
(northeast parking lot)
8 a.m. Departure by plush coach bus
10 a.m. Stop at Tim Horton's - Home of the double-double
(place your order on the bus to avoid any lineups)
11 a.m. Arrive at Shining Tree Woods, Norfolk County
11-3 p.m. Lots of bio-FUN FUN FUN and a Teddy Bear's picnic lunch - hold the cucumber sandwiches (And please leave your bears at home. If you were at the workshop, you'd understand)
4 p.m. St. William's Nursery & Ecology Centre for supper and Tour
9 p.m. Arrive back at Wilson Subway Station
Washrooms: on the bus, at Tim Hortons, at St Williams, at Wilson TTC Subway Station
If you haven't yet confirmed your attendance, please email immediately, along with your entree choice (vegetarian wrap with locally grown shiitake mushrooms or hot pulled pork on a fresh-baked bun)....inquiring caterers want to know!
There is still space on the bus, so please feel free to invite a friend or two. Payment (ONLY $15 for a full day!) will be accepted at the bus, but to ensure that enough supper is ordered, please pre-register!
Five Conservation Team members spent a Saturday setting up permanent plots in the Woods. Many thanks to Allan, Carolyn, Deb, Doug & Pat!
The June 2nd excursion will be the baseline study for subsequent annual surveying of those plots to monitor changes in species composition and the effects of our conservation activities over time.
The woods were beautiful, replete with dozens of sassafras seedlings, young maples, mayapples, ferns, sedges, wild yam and moonseed vine. Mayflower, Solomon's Seal and Downy Yellow Violets were in unfortunately, was garlic mustard. It is urgent that we remove it all on June 2nd before this year's seed crop is unleashed.
THE GREAT GARLIC MUSTARD ROUNDUP (pull-a-thon, cursing optional)
Remember, if you can't come, you can still help! NANPS is accepting pledges for every bag of garlic mustard removed from STW this trip. If you pledge a dime a bag and the group pulls 100 bags, that's $10 toward next year's activities. Pledge a quarter and that's $25! Last year we pulled 45 bags. (Charitable tax receipts automatically issued for pledges totalling $20 or more). So far, pledges have amounted to $350 if 100 bags are pulled!
Lee Valley Tools has very generously donated a gift for every participant PLUS a prize for the biggest haul from each team! The Scoop Team plans to win this - we dare you to out Scoop us!
In addition to having a fun and educational day, all participants will earn 13 volunteer hours just for coming, + 3 hours for every 3 bags of garlic mustard (don't worry, that won't take long) + 1 hour for every 20 species identified. NANPS goal: 400 NANPS hours this trip!
STW will have you salivating over the diversity potential for your garden. If you are planning on obtaining plants from the St. William's Nursery, please email asap with your wish list to order. All orders must go through NANPS. A species list is here.
Other Events
Suzuki Louv in
June 14 - AGO - 6:30 to 9 p.m.
The David Suzuki Foundation cordially invites you to an evening with scientist and broadcaster David Suzuki and Richard Louv, celebrated author of bestselling books Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age. The evening will include discussion about the urgent need to connect kids (and grown-ups) with nature and the amazing health benefits that nature provides. The evening will include a Q&A, book signings, and will be moderated by Dr. Faisal Moola from the David Suzuki Foundation. General admission: $20; Youth/Seniors: $15.
Green Infrastructure Ontario Update
June 25 - Evergreen Brick Works – 12:15 to 1:45 p.m.
Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition steering committee will provide an update on recent initiatives, including the release of Health, Prosperity and Sustainability: The Case for Green Infrastructure in Ontario, co-authored by Ecojustice. Landscape architect Mark Schollen of Schollen and Company will detail successful green infrastructure projects, and author and broadcaster Mark Cullen will speak about the importance of our urban forest. In addition, there will be time to mingle with other green infrastructure enthusiasts. $25 + HST for luncheon & presentations. More info...
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